Installing SuiteCRM on IIS 7.5 with windows 7


I installed IIS 7.5 on my windows 7 with all updates done.
I already have a website on the default web site in iis.
So i put SuiteCRM on my second web site.
I change de permission for users, i grant all persmission to the applicationpool of iis.
But when i try to install SuiteCRM wich was he said in the installation guide on the website a got this error :

Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance.



SuiteCRM works on XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP stack enviroment. IIS server is for ASP.NET … You have to install XAMPP on your windows based system and then the CRM will be installed.
There should be PHP 5.6 or greater and MySQL support.


@suitecrm_developer, if you check the Compatibility Matrix you will see that IIS is in fact supported by SuiteCRM.

@Martin I don’t know which version of SuiteCRM you’re installing, but as you can see in the same matrix, your version of IIS has not been supported for years. You need a newer IIS, or a different stack like the ones suitecrm_developer suggested.