Installing suite from SSH in Linux server

Every installation guide I’ve found includes linux commands for installing components, etc. However, none of them explain how to actually download the suitecrm files onto the server! I know I can use wget to download a file from the web, however I don’t know the file location for the suiteCRM zip. How am I supposed to get the install files if I have no GUI and can only access my server via an SSH?

Hi there,

You can download the files to the machine you are accessing your server via ssh on and then rsync the files up to your server.



This is not the best way for many cases. A wget is what is possible on most hosting providers, and downloading it first to one computer and then to another one is not very efficient. Usually hosting providers machine has good bandwidth, and can download things faster! Hopefully in future there will be a location to get it through wget.

Thanks Will. Any resources you know of that explain how to use rsync to transfer a file hosted on a Windows pc to a Linux machine?

If you have ssh access to the server, you should normally be able to use FileZilla to upload files to your site through sftp.

Just add a new site to the FileZilla site manager, fill in the server ip in the Host field, choose protocol ‘SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol’, Logon Type ‘Ask For Password’, give the ssh User Name and press connect.

If this doesn’t work for you, maybe I could provide you with a (temporary) direct download link through a private message.

Good Luck!
George R.

This is idiotic and anyone who thinks this is good practice shouldn’t be allowed near a computer.