installing on ISP/LAMP server

Hi there,

I am thinking about installing Suite on a free ISP LAMP server. We have an office of about 6-8 daily users who occasionally need to access Suite when off-site. Currently we have a dedicated PC running TeamViewer for that. This works, but as you can imagine it is a pain in the a**. I am not a Suite expert and it took me a good month to figure out and configure (to our needs) our internal server installation.

My question is: Has anyone done this before? Are there any major reasons to not do it? :slight_smile: Sounds like I am trying to talk myself out of it.
I just don’t want to spend a lot of time on this just to find out that it was a fool’s errand.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


There are free LAMP servers out there?

What are the characteristics of the service?

Hi pgr,

Thanks for replying. I just googled “free LAMP ISP” :slight_smile: A whole bunch of suggestions popped up. I read through several and picked “” from reviews.

Sorry if mentioning other website and services is not appropriate - please delete.

It literally took a minute or two to register, but their ftp only allows 10MB transfers. So I could not upload the whole ZIP file. Otherwise I would have just tried it. So, before unzipping and chunking up into smaller uploads, installation, etc, I thought I’d fire up my question and see what I can glean some info from someone who might have tried this route before.

The obvious attraction to us is that our Suite could be accessed from anywhere, but still remain free to use.

What do you think?


It all depends on whether the service is good enough to host SuiteCRM. With a 10MB max upload limit, it isn’t. Performance will also be crap.

I have some experience with SuiteCRM on cheap hostings (not free, just cheap) and the experience isn’t very good. I doubt you’ll find a free hosting that is reasonably good. But I don’t blame you for trying, tell us if you find one! :slight_smile:

Note that you don’t need external hosting to be able to access SuiteCRM “from everywhere”. You can simply expose your internal computer to the Internet.

This involves opening up the necessary connections in your Internet router, and getting a free Dynamic DNS like to be able to access it from a stable address, even when your ISP changes your IP address.

If you don’t know about these things, it might b a good idea to get some local help for this set up. A knowledgeable person can probably do it in 30 minutes, once in a lifetime.