Installing on cPanel/WHM shared hosting


While attempting to set up SuiteCRM on a shared cPanel/WHM server, I’m encountering an error whereby the installer fails to connect to the MySQL server with an “Access Denied” error:

Thu Jul 31 19:58:24 2014 [16134][-none-][FATAL] Could not connect to DB server localhost as cpusr_crm. port : Access denied for user ‘cpusr_crm’@‘localhost’ to database ‘cpusr_crm’

I have verified that the credentials are, in fact, correct.

Any thoughts as to why the SuiteCRM would be receiving “Access denied” when supplied with correct credentials?

Hi there,

In cPanel, have you given the user access to the database? Is the database name correct?



Just goes to show that even veteran admins can make stupid mistakes. I checked that I could log into mysql but didn’t try to ‘use’ the database.

Once the user has access to the database, everything worked fine.

Hi Valnet,

This is something I have recently come across in debugging cPanel issues with SuiteCRM, everyone misses things!