installing Kreports - which file first? base/core

So I downloaded KReports - both files base and core. but which one do I download first. Ithought it was base so I tried to install it and got errors.

Is there something I need to change first before installing? I couldn’t find anything…


Retried importing the KReports again this morning. IT worked fine. :woohoo: no errors. I uploaded the core first then the base.

Thanks for playing… :wink:

Hi TammyLewis,

When installing KReporter, it is best to install the base package, then the core.



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So I did that. and then added information regarding opportunities. I am trying to walk thru one of the tutorials on creating a pipeline comparison. but my version doesn’t look like theirs. everything is grey on my screen and I only have 1 dimensional charts. I don’t have a pivot table options. its like an older version. I loaded the 3.06 version and the tutorial is using 2.7.3. so I am really confused…



No budy…you’re not missing anything. just the version used on Kreporter tutorials are a licensed version (payed)!!