Installed - Now what?

I successfully installed SuiteCRM on my hosting provider, no issues whatsoever. But now I’m not exactly sure where to go.

We’re looking to use this for a tow company. Specifically, to track parking violations at apartment complexes and be able to attach pictures for each violation. Can someone provide a direction?

I am pretty new to suiteCRM too. Within the last week, I have set our installation up, to manage customer EDI projects.
Storing customer address information, contact information, information about the installed hard- and software et cetera.
And this already is not, what a CRM is originally meant to be for.
But for a tow company to only store parking violation information and pictures, I can imagine that this is definitively not the right tool! :unsure:
Unless you are planning to use it for a lot of other things more…

You call a company like us to analyse your business needs and customize SuiteCRM to match those :slight_smile: