Installation Stuck at Database Configuration

I am trying to install suitecrm on our server. I have a cakephp website.
I have put the suitecrm folder inside webroot and it opens the installation in the browser.

I check the license agreement and it brings to the database configuration page. I have put the database name which I have already created and granted permissions from the cpanel. I enter the username for databse and password as assigned to the database. I also fill in other details such as admin user and its password and email.

When I click next, its just stuck there. It doesn’t go ahead.
I checked the console and it says: “Uncaught ReferenceError: YAHOO is not defined”

Please help on this soon
Thank you

Check install.log, you probably have some missing file (maybe due to bad permissions) or a missing PHP module causing things to break.

Note that I normally let the installer handle the database creation. So I just give it database credentials, but I don’t create any database beforehand. Works fine every time.

Thank you for replying.
I have checked the install.log, it says:
“installerHook: Info: custom/install/install_hooks.php not present, no custom hooks to execute”

Please tell, what is missing in the instalation, I have downloaded from this website only.

Please Reply Soon

I have also changed the permissions to 777 for custom data cache modules uploads etc.

That message is just “info”, it is not an error. It appears in everybody’s log.

Do you have SSH access to your server? That is much better in order to set permissions and ownership.

Do you know which user your web server is running under? That is the user you need to set the ownership of the folders and files.

Note that “777” permissions are a terrible practice, that you should never do, and that there is no need to do…

Permissions don’t mean anything if the ownership is wrong, that’s what you need to check next.

Can you find your web server log, called php_errors.log or errors.log? If you’re missing a PHP module you should have a message there.

Yes I checked the error log and solved the permissions issue. Its Working now!

Thank you for your Support, Its integrated on our website