Installation Stops at Step 2 with error Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php

Hello to all,
I’m trying to install the latest release but I can not go beyond step 2. In the log I get the error Could not find custom / install / install_hooks.php.
In the zip there is no install_hooks.php file in any folder.
How can I solve ?

Thanks for your help !

Can you please try to create the Install folder in Custom folder and then creating this file there install.php. File can be empty. This is just for testing.

install_hooks.php. should be the file name

Thanks for the reply !

I was looking at a bit of post and I see that install_hooks is not a blocker error. It is a file used to make custom installations.
Maybe the problem is the files permissions? I used the cPanel user (Centos 7 with WHM / cPanel) but I see that many other use the apache user.
I would like to use the cPanel user. Can you tell me where I need to change the user I use?

Many thanks !

If you have access to root level you can change the Permission and Ownership as well.
Please check out this guide to get more help.


I tried again a new clean installation and this time, I do not know why, it went fine !
Thanks for your help !!!

You are welcome.


I did the same thing, and put an empty install_hooks.php in the Install folder. Starts to run the installation, and it stops at:

This displays the SuiteCRM License Agreement.[/li]
Review the license, check I Accept, and click Next. The installer checks the system for compatibility and then displays the Installation Options page.

After that the screen goes white, and when i “click back”, I got the message:

Checking Environment
Preparing to Install…

System passed check for compatibility.
Preparing to Install…

Clicking next, it still becomes just a white screen!

What should I do?

@skyum, you should open your own thread, tell us your versions of SuiteCRM, PHP, web server, database. Is it your server, or shared hosting?

Then check make sure you set permissions correctly, according to installation guide, and if there is any message in install.log

I have solved this problem in this way.

  1. on linux hosting turn on error listing to file, in file .user.ini I have code

log_errors = 1
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED
error_log = /hosting/www/

You need to set the error_log value for your hosting.

  1. run again install.php, in file error.log was warning and fatal error
    [21-Aug-2018 11:07:00 Europe/Prague] PHP Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /YOUR-HOSTING-PATH/YOUR-CRM-PATH/include/utils.php on line 449
    [21-Aug-2018 11:07:00 Europe/Prague] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function posix_getpwuid() in /YOUR-HOSTING-PATH/YOUR-CRM-PATH/include/utils.php:455

  2. I modified the file utils.php, I inserted / ** before

$runningUser = exec('whoami');

and **/ at the line before


See the code below

function getRunningUser()
    // works on Windows and Linux, but might return null on systems that include exec in
    // disabled_functions in php.ini (typical in shared hosting)
/**    $runningUser = exec('whoami');

    if ($runningUser == null) {  // matches null, false and ""
        if (is_windows()) {
            $runningUser = getenv('USERDOMAIN') . '\\' . getenv('USERNAME');
        } else {
            $usr = posix_getpwuid(posix_geteuid());
            $runningUser = $usr['name'];
    return ($runningUser == null) ? '' : $runningUser;

Installation was completed.

@janousek that is not a very good solution, that code is used in other places.

What is your Hosting? They seem very restrictive.

Is there a way to turn on Posix functions in your CPanel?

@pgr I did not find any other option on shared hosting. Yes, hosting is very restrictive. CPanel is not available (shared hosting)
I would use “cleaner” solutions, have You any idea?

As a minimum, make getRunningUser return your web server user name (hard coded), instead of returning null.

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Rozchodit se mi to podarilo. Mohu Vam popr. zaslat upraveny soubor „utils.php“.

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Pavel Janousek

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