Hi I just downloaded the latest version 7.8.3. But I don’t see any application or Installer file.
How do you setup and install the new download?
Please help.

Here is a link to the installation instructions:

My installation process is not proceeding beyond showing the Install … bar.

No error message, nothing in the install.log that could tell me what’s going on.


SuiteCRM Version 7.8.3
OS: Debian 5.5.54-0+deb7u2-log
Webserver: Apache/2.2.22
MySQL: 5.5
PHP: 7.0

Any idea where to look for solving this issue?

This is usually due to incorrect file ownership/permissions, check that.

Then you can look at install.log and see if there are any errors.

I have the same problem, completely blank screen after license on install. I suspected it might have to do with ownership/permissions, but I’m not a programmer and SuiteCRM setting up instructions about ownership permissions are gobbledeegook to me, I have no idea what they mean, what to do. Odd really, given the rest of the instructions are perfectly clear.

Could somebody tell me in plain English how to set up ownership permissions. (The main folder is currently set to rwx rwx r-x User to xxxxxxxx (my account user name) and group to psacln (no idea what this means), I can change permissions but not user or group, and of which folder or file in any case?

The instructions say the following, but I have no idea what this means:
“Set ownership of the SuiteCRM directory:
chgrp ApacheUser.ApacheGroup -R recursively sets ownership for root directory to Apache user and group.
The system user that your web server uses varies depending on your operating system. Common web server users are as follows:
apache (Linux/Apache)
nobody (Linux/Apache)
IUSR_computerName (Windows/IIS)”

@francois12uk I think it’s better for you to start your own thread. That way you avoid spamming all the people in this thread, and it’s easier for you to share some details about your install (version of OS, database, PHP, web server, SuiteCRM) so we can better help you.

Linux is not the easiest system to work with. It’s not iOS and it’s not Windows. Linux permissions are a complex thing by nature, and there’s nothing SuiteCRM can do about that. You don’t have to be a programmer, but you do have to be able to perform some basic sysadmin tasks if you are going to try being the sysadmin of a CRM suite… I understand you might have other expectations, but I would say trying to get a system like this up and running on Linux without feeling at ease inputting a few commands into a console or looking them up on the Internet, you won’t go far. Even if/when you overcome this hurdle, there will be others later…

OK, thanks. I don’t use Linux, so I don’t know. I had no problem installing and using SugarCRM in the past, but from what you say I gather SuiteCRM is not quite as user-friendly. Thank you anyway, I’ll have a quick search for Apache and Linux instructions to see if I can figure it out, otherwise I’ll just drop it and look for something else. Thank you for your advice.

I have created a very simple script to set permissions under Linux for SuiteCRM.
You can view the instructions and download it free here:
(or just save this file with right-click:

Apply it BEFORE you run the install.

Once you have installed the System, you should edit the file created by the installation procedure called config.php and set the correct user and group, as well as permissions:

'default_permissions' => 
  array (
    'dir_mode' => 1533, // (decimal equivalent of octal 2775) - this is my recommended value, but beware that it may cause some security issues. Others use 1517, 1528 0r 1533
    'file_mode' => 493,  // (decimal equivalent of octal 755) - this is my recommended value, but beware that it may cause some security issues. Others use 644, 660 or 664
    'user' => '<enter you user or leave blank - only the two single quotes with no space inside>',
    'group' => '<enter you group or leave blank - only the two single quotes with no space inside>',

However there may be other issues. For example you have to give sufficient resources by setting certain php/webserver values.
For example: max_execution_time and other values (search the forum. I and other have posted several times on these).
I hope this helps

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SuiteCRM is not less user-friendly or less easy for sysadmins than SugarCRM CE. It is basically the same thing when it comes to Linux permissions, and the things that have been changed since the fork are positive and actually make things easier and better.

If you had a past positive experience, then in the same circumstances you would get the same - or better - experience now with SuiteCRM. You would only get a less positive experience if something changed (in your environment, web hosting, etc.).

Anyway, you are in good hands once amariussi jumps into the thread and helps. He’s way more patient and knowledgeable than me : - )

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You are too generous!!! I think that YOU are more knowledgeable than me!!! :wink:

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Many thanks @amariussi, this is very useful and most generous. Most appreciated. I’ll give it a try next time I’m working on it. I remember now, the last time I installed SugarCRM my webserver host had an installer for it, whereas it doesn’t for SuiteCRM. Anyway, I’ll try with the script and will let you know. Many thanks for the support, and yes, I do understand what you’ve done, even if the detail of it is way beyond me. Thank you!

Thanks for that @pgr, I’m sure if I get past the installation hurdle it’ll be great. many thanks.

Many thanks @amariussi. Unfortunately it still hasn’t worked for me. The script itself seems to do the job, I get hundreds of lines of change code when done in verbose mode, it’s quick, about a second, though I let it alone for several minutes just in case. But I am still stuck at the same place, after agreeing to license, press next, I get 1 second of activity then the window goes completely blank (or in other browsers I get unable to connect error message, HT 500). My colleague who knows a bit more about Linux is going to have a go, so I’m still hopeful. Many thanks anyway.

I suggest you to:
. check all your logs
. make sure that the crm files are saved with the correct encoding (mine are UTF-8 (without BOM)
. make sure that you have attributed sufficient system resources (eg: max_execution_time, etc…)

My script resets permissions only. You should also check that owner/group are set correctly.

Thanks, installed the chperm.php script provided by amariussi (thanks!) and ran it. Then started install process again.

Below is the output from the install.log from today. Is there anything in there that gives a clue why the install process seems to hang?

Thanks in advance
– Peter

2017-05-26 11:47:18…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php
2017-05-26 11:47:18…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php
2017-05-26 11:47:25…Begin System Check Process *************
2017-05-26 11:47:26…XML Parsing Support Found
2017-05-26 11:47:26…MBString Support Found
2017-05-26 11:47:26…ZIP Support Found
2017-05-26 11:47:26…/custom directory and subdirectory check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…cache directory and subdirectory check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…/module directory and subdirectory check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…/upload directory check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…/zip check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…PCRE version check passed
2017-05-26 11:47:26…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php
2017-05-26 11:47:26…php.ini location found. /usr/lib/php7.0/php.ini
2017-05-26 11:47:26…Outputting HTML for System check
2017-05-26 11:47:26…No Errors were found *************
2017-05-26 11:47:26…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php
2017-05-26 11:47:28…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php
2017-05-26 12:01:33…Begin DB Check Process *************
2017-05-26 12:01:33…testing with mysql:mysqli
2017-05-26 12:01:33…Basic form info is valid, continuing Process.
2017-05-26 12:01:33…Testing priviliged account…
2017-05-26 12:01:33…Connection made using host:, usr: Peter
2017-05-26 12:01:33…ERROR:: The provided Database Name already exists. You can
1. hit the back button and choose a new database name
2. click next and continue but all existing tables on this database will be dropped. This means your tables and data will be blown away.
2017-05-26 12:01:33…Passed DB install check
2017-05-26 12:01:33…WARNING:: no errors detected, but DB tables will be dropped!, issuing warning to user
2017-05-26 12:01:33…End DB Check Process *************
2017-05-26 12:08:53…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks.php

Maybe it would have been better to start your own separate thread…

Did you get that warning on screen, asking you if it’s ok to delete the previous database? Does it hang after you say yes?

Maybe you can try going into the database and clearing things up first, removing older installs.

Yes, the install hangs after reporting that a database exists and me giving ok to overwrite.

What am I supposed to do “going into database and installs”?

I can access the database tables from MySQL resp. phpAdmin Interface. Or I can use SSH access to work on Linux command line. What am I supposed to do?

Normally the SuiteCRM installer has no problem with installing over a previous installation of SuiteCRM. It just asks the user if it’s ok to delete everything in the database, and proceeds.

My advice was to go into phpMyAdmin and delete every SuiteCRM database in there (if you don’t care about any data, of course) so the installer starts from the beginning - maybe then it can proceed without errors.

A different direction of diagnosis would be to check your PHP settings - sometimes the process hangs because of lack of memory, or because it times out. This can be tweaked in php.ini (if your hosting lets you).

I figured it out and got it to work finally.



This was a GREAT help to me!!! Thanks so much. With your script and instructions my install went perfectly.

But now it is up and running, but many of the buttons say “undefined” instead of “OK” or “confirmed” etc. Ran into that for almost all confirmation buttons during bulk import and delete, but it’s other places too. I read that it’s a permissions error but no one says what files to change. Do you have a script for post-install permissions, or know some other say I can fix this?