Installation problem with Finnish language pack for 7.4

Hello I tried to install Finnish language pack to SuiteCRM 7.4 after I push Install on module loader window it refres page but it is totally blank. I also tried to install Swedish and French languages and those went ok, It opens page where you should push “Commit” and after that those packs are installed.

All language files are downloaded today from


I tried install Finnish language pack for 7.4 after loading it to module loader and clicked Install only what happens is that page refresh and blank page appears.
When I did this same with Swedish and French language pack, new page includes Commit button which starts real installation. Any ideas where problem can be? Languagepack version was



I was able to install and use the Finnish language pack.
The one that I downloaded can be found HERE

If you download this .zip file, and upload it into the Module Loader in the CRM, it should work fine.

Some of those packs contained an error so they where dropped after fixed.
You should download the actual ZIP (see folder SuiteCRM_740v2)

Yes with version 740v2 everything works.

Thanks, I haven’t noticed that there is already new version available.


Now this same problem is in translation pack What is causing this error?


Problem is solved in the new and revised language packs for SuiteCRM 7.4.3 are ready to download:


  • Software version: v7.4.3
  • Translation version: v2
  • Date: 08/12/2015

Hi, I have problem with

The botton “Install” in the Module Loader doesnt work, nothing happening when I click it.

For example I tryed to Install French from fr_FR_SuiteCRM_v7432 and it is always ok.

Can somebody try to Install Russian language pack?