Installation on Kubernetes managed by Rancher - Storage failure

I am trying to install on k8s cluster via the Rancher GUI. I added the bitami app repository for kubernetes. Then the app shows up in the overview. So I click Launch and enter the data in the form to my best knowledge. Nothing fancy here, only like “what cluster / project …”.
When launching it stalls in “Deploying” state. Digging into the workloads shows, that it cannot bind a volume and/or cannot find a storage class.
I know where I can setup storage classes and persistent volumes, but I cannot modify any of the deploy yamls without getting errors. I cannot even save the unchanged deploy yaml or add environment variables without getting strange errors.
Is there any idea how that could work? What is the name of the default storage class?

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

You are talking about SuiteCRM, right? You don’t even mention it in your post.

I have 0 experience with Kubernetes, maybe somebody else can give you more specific help with that, or maybe on their Forums you can find better help. But if you have SuiteCRM specific questions - namely, any messages in your logs? If so, I should be able to explain what they mean.