Installation on Hosted provider question

I have been using SuiteCRM up to version 7.11.2 through a hosted provider.

Prior to 7.11.2 I was able to perform the upgrades using the Upgrade wizard, but when I did perform the Upgrade wizard to try and upgrade to 7.11.2 and now again to 7.11.6 I am running into an issue with my provider who has a limit on the number of files on my site. I am sharing SuiteCrm with some other web sites I run under the same hosting account. But now SuiteCRM is zapping my file number quota. I have unlimited GB storage, but they have a cap on number of files.

It seems that the upgrade process used all of that quota and consequently causes the upgrade wizard to crash.

What are others seeing?

Is there another way to upgrade without the wizard, which seems to duplicate files past my hosting quota? Can I just uplaod the upgrade files over the existing installation?

I really do not want to purchase another hosting package or upgrade to a more costly package. Plus the domain name would have to be dealt with as I am using a sub-domain for the CRM.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Are you able to upload files using FTP tool , like fileZilla?

I can’t see there are lot of files when moving from 7.11.* on next minor release, be ensure, number of files is real issue.