Installation of SuiteCRM 8 ends incomplete

Greetings all! I am attempting to install the recent version of SuiteCRM8 on Debian, using the CLI installer. After some work and misunderstandings the installer now runs through. However, once I try to access the accoring webpage I encounter an Error 404: Page not found. Even after several new attempts, the error perists.
I am running an Apache 2.4.56 server witi PHP 8.029 and all neccessary mods installed. All .ini files have been sufficiently modified. I have used both the guide from SuiteCRM fro installation as well as others. Additionally I have performed the assignment of rights as per the guide before the actual execution of the installation script.
What I did notice in public/legacy/install.log was an error message “Cannot locate writable dir cache/upload/import”. I have not yet managed to find the cause of this. Did I configure something wrong? And, this may not be related to my problem: Why does the install script run in legacy mode?