Installation of Suite 7.9.12 - Unable to save Contact's Email Address

I’ve installed a fresh 7.9.12 SuiteCRM successfully. I have been unable to save the email address for any of my contacts. When I try to save:

  1. When I hit Save I get a blank Screen with no Feedback and status unknown. It does not post the email address to the record.

Is there something new with respect to email validation that I can turn off within the Admin panel. I’ve used earlier versions of SuiteCRm and have never encountered this issue.


I forgot to mention , neither the SugarCrm or SuiteCRM log files report anything out of the ordinary. I’m going to try to display errors in php to see if I can see anything as well.

Hi there,

A white screen would indicate a fatal error. Are you able to look at your PHP logs?

How are you editing the email address? Via the Edit View or the inline editing?

There is a known bug for the inline editing but haven’t see the edit view causing an issue.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Samus-Arun,

Thanks for the tip. I was editing in edit mode and not inline mode. Even when I set php to “DisplayErrors”, still received the white screen.

However, I was looking at the wrong log file. In looking at “error_log” I see the following message:

[14-Feb-2018 14:09:13 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv() in /home/techcadets/public_html/crm/modules/AOD_Index/Lib/Zend/Search/Lucene/Field.php on line 222

Looks like iconv() function is missing. I’ll add to my configuration and let you know the result.


Ok. I provisioned a new version of PHP with the iconv() libraries and all is well.

Much thanks.

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Super well done!