Installation of 7.6.1 simply failed without any clue

We tried to install it on RHEL 6 with PHP 5.6.4.
But nothing happens when we click Next at the Step 2 of 2 configuration.

I saw some posted saying they seems to have similar issues----working on CentOS but not RHEL.

I even tried 7.5.3, with little progress, but still kind of failed-----seeing db created, but then nothing happened further.

I was wondering if I did something wrong or simply there are lots of bugs?


Dian :frowning:

There may be bugs as in any other software but I don’t think that they are the problem.

I experienced the same issue and I resolved by increasing the values of certain PHP paramaters:
. max_execution_time

Additionally you may increase:
. memory_limit
. max_input_time
. post_max_size
. upload_max_filesize
. max_input_vars

I suggest that you also check:
. error_reporting
making sure that it is set for a production envirenment. For example you can use: E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_NOTICE