Installation Fatal Error

Everything was going well with the wizard, until i clicked to install and it ran for a few moments and then gave me this error.

I’m assuming my Mysql doesn’t have enough memory to handle SuiteCRM? I’m currently using GoDaddy as my host.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 14431713 bytes) in /home/rnaff/public_html/OLD/suite/modules/Administration/SugarSpriteBuilder.php on line 468

Hi there,

It seems your memory limit is high enough as it only tried to allocate 12 to your 64, although we would recommend a memory limit of something like 256MB for SuiteCRM.



I would get a better hosting provider :whistle:

Alter your php.ini, if you can. If you have that ability, your hosting provider should have instructions for you to use a custom php.ini. Most do and it’s a lot easier to change one line in a file than moving hosting companies. Find the line that says memory_limit and make it look something like this:

memory_limit = 128M