Installation Exception

While im installing my Customized Suitecrm i have an exception in my sugarcrm.log file

/* Table : aos_products_quotes /
MISSING TABLE: aos_products_quotes */
CREATE TABLE aos_products_quotes (id char(36) NOT NULL ,name text NULL ,date_entered datetime NULL ,date_modified datetime NULL ,modified_user_id char(36) NULL ,created_by char(36) NULL ,description text NULL ,deleted bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ,assigned_user_id char(36) NULL ,currency_id char(36) NULL ,part_number varchar(255) NULL ,item_description text NULL ,number int(11) NULL ,product_qty decimal(18,4) NULL ,product_cost_price decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_cost_price_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_list_price decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_list_price_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_discount decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_discount_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_discount_amount decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_discount_amount_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,discount varchar(255) DEFAULT ‘Percentage’ NULL ,product_unit_price decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_unit_price_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,vat_amt decimal(26,6) NULL ,vat_amt_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_total_price decimal(26,6) NULL ,product_total_price_usdollar decimal(26,6) NULL ,vat varchar(100) DEFAULT ‘5.0’ NULL ,parent_type varchar(255) NULL ,parent_id char(255) NULL ,product_id char(36) NULL ,group_id char(36) NULL , PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY idx_aospq_par_del (parent_id, parent_type, deleted)) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

#MYSQL Error 1071: Key length was too long

I’m trying to avoid exception and installed the Suitecrm but in quotation window its not working perfectly…While Adding line items its shows undefined…

Someone guide me how to solve this error …I have a Demo on tomorrow.

Are you migrating from a development server to another?

What exactly are you doing when you get that error? Importing data, installing SuiteCRM, what?

installing suitecrm …But im customized some modules …

Thanks for your response pgr!!!

this Error Caused at the time of fresh installation …
its throws the error in include/utils.php

throws \exception( Error msg, error Code);

After Commented that line its can be installed but aos_product_quotes not proper installed and in quotes , invoice module line item variable shows undefined msg…

What is your version of SuiteCRM, PHP and MySQL?

If you can try with a newer version of MySQL, it might help. Minimum is 5.5, but 5.7 has larger key limits.

Thanks for your response PGR

I’m using suitecrm 7.9

PHP 7.1

Mysql 5.6

Can you upgrade MySQL to 5.7?

Also, make sure when you are re-installing, you start with a clear “suitecrm” database. Just delete it from MySQL, and let the installer create it.

Hai Pgr…

I’m using Godaddy Shared Hosting They only having Mysql 5.6.x

Thank you…

  1. Have you tried deleting the database completely and restarting the installation?

  2. That MySQL error, is it showing in suitecrm.log or in the Apache log?

Does it say a line number of the file where the error is happening?

You haven’t answered the questions, should I assume your problem is solved?

Yeah…I tried both ways…
The mysql error shows in sugar crm.log

The key instance was too long…

Today also i’m asking question …

Sorry for late reply I’m feeling not well …so im taking rest at home

Hi. I hope you’re feeling better today!

If you can find which line of which file is throwing that error, we might try to workaround it, but without knowing where it is, and without being able to tweak your MySQL configuration, it will be difficult.

If you can find some error with a more complete line number and stack trace in php_errors.log, that would be great.

You can also look for MySQL options in your Godaddy Cpanel and try changing them to see if it affects anything.