Installation - blank page


I try to install suitecrm. I renamed the suitecrm folder to crm, uploaded it and checked the permission as requested. By calling …myhomepage/crm/install.php I get a blank page.

Any help? In the last year I worked with sugar and managed the installation.

Thank You.

What do you see in the install.log?

And in the web server log (php_errrors.log or similar)?

there are no such files :frowning:

I can understand a missing install.log if the installation breaks before creating one.

But a web server log, you surely have one. You have to look up your web server documentation, your web server configuration file, to see where it is.

We need some clue about your problem in order to try and fix it…

Sorry for the late reply. I solved the problem - it was an old php on our hoster’s server. Now everything works.
Thanks for your help.