Install when creation of new database not allowed?

I am using a webhotel that provides only one mysql database and does not allow creation of additional databases. This is fine, as I only need one database for SuiteCRM. However, the webhotel has created the database with a default name and I cannot delete the database. Hence, I have an empty database waiting for content.

Enter SuiteCRM 7.7.1 installation. I give SuiteCRM the name of the existing database to use. For some reason SuiteCRM wants to create a new database with the name given. :S This as far as I understand is an operation equal to delete and replace, which is a blocked action in my webhotel. So no SuiteCRM for me, then.

Is there a way to tell the installation program to create a new table in the existing database, and not a new database with the same name?


you can do it but you have to modify the code for the installer, I suggest you to create the database somewhere else and then import it to your webhotel database, then in the config.php of you suitecrm install change the database location to your webhotel one

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Install of SuiteCRM hangs when it tries to create a new database in the webhotel. I tried to circumwent this by setting up a mysql server on my home server and pointing SuiteCRM to that server at install. For some reason I cannot make this work. The installing program can not access my home server.
I have double checked this, and the mysql server is accessible from the internet using other hosts.