Install Synology Server


I am trying to install SuiteCRM in Synology. I receive the following error during the system check.

Database Support was not found. Please make sure you have the necessary drivers for one of the following supported Database Types: MySQL or MS SQLServer. You might need to uncomment the extension in the php.ini file, or recompile with the right binary file, depending on your version of PHP. Please refer to your PHP Manual for more information on how to enable Database Support.

Do I have to create a database on phpmyadmin?

Can you give me some help?

Thank you!!!

You don’t have to create a database, our installer will do that for you.

You do have to check your PHP database connection.

  • a database module must be installed
  • it must be enabled in php.ini

There might be some particularities of Synology that make this harder, I don’t know. But you should search generic Synology PHP/Database issues on Google, this is not a SuiteCRM issue specifically. Once you have you database connection ok, SuiteCRM should be able to install.

Hello and thanks for your response.

I understand that it is not a problem of suitecrm, but it is this program that gives me the problem.

I have checked that I have a connection to the database, but I do not know very well what is meant by “it must be enabled in php.ini”.

I have read several common errors with Synology before resorting to writing in the forum, but I have not found anything.

Thanks for the help.

a greeting

create a text file on the root of your web directory, call it info.php and give it this content:


Now point your browser to

You should get a lot of information about your installation: mysqli parameters and status, php.ini location, etc.