Install SuiteCRM on Ubuntu20 & 22

I am new on SuiteCRM.

I try to install SuiteCRM on Ubuntu20 and on Ubuntu22 but it’s do not work.
I have follow this tuto :slight_smile: How to Install SuiteCRM on Ubuntu 20.04 - RoseHosting

Can I have a good way for well installation of SuiteCRM on ubuntu20 and ubuntu22 ?

Please I need your help.

Best regards,

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Hi @lattoh welcome to the community!

Have a look please To install SuiteCRM on Ubuntu: Installation Guide of SuiteCRM 8 on Ubuntu 16/18/20

Hope So it is useful for you…

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I have found solution it was problem of PHP.
I use PHP 7.4 and it’s work now.


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Here is another step-by-step walkthrough for installing 7.12.x on Ubuntu which might be helpful: Instructions for Installing SuiteCRM

Are you the author of that guide?

Why those steps to create the database manually? The installer does that. I see a lot of guides online that add that, I’d love to know why.

I think its because there are issues in the install script, and also a lack of documentation, but would also like to know what the author thinks.

I’ve tried numerous times to start again with a new ubuntu instance, installed lamp stack to meets requirements etc, installed all PHP modules - it takes ages and is time consuming. However it comes to a griding halt on the install page. Everything else works - ie. phpMyAdmin .

I’ve just tried again, rinse and repeated - new VM - everything went ok , ubuntu 20.04.1, apache2.4.52, php7.4.33 - this time tried MariaDB - same result - all works right up to the install page because of a permission error


I’ve never heard people complaining about upgrade issues in the automatic creation of the database, by the installer.

So I don’t think that step is necessary, in fact, I think it sometimes it makes things fail.