Install... step 2. Don't show messages. How much time I must be waiting?


I’m installing a new Linux Server from begin. Following the instructions, I did set the permissions and complete without warning the install form.

But 30 minutes ago I clicked Next and went to Step 2: Install… and since then nothing happens.

How much time I must be waiting for see any message? :unsure:

Thanks in advance

Hi, it’s normally just a matter of seconds, not minutes.

I would try looking into my logs to see what is there.

The most likely reasons would be that you need to tweak your php.ini to increase memory size and/or increase max_execution time.

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Hi pgr, always my salvation, hehe

I will upgrade PHP 5.4 to 5.6 and then increase memory size from php.ini following the suitecrm recomendations. Is it the correct way?

Where I would find the install logs?

See the blog in my signature, I recently posted a full guide on how to find the logs.

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