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Install process gives validation error - no explanation

Fresh install in AWS Lightsail under Debian 10 , PHP 7.3. Install process after giving correct data, I hope, in form gives “There are validation errors…”. Well, where? No hints!
We have also tried CLI script installation giving another blocking thing. At some point the directory “cache/images” shall be created by mkdir in script but fails. We have tried to have full access rights for “world”.
So what shall I look for? The logs I find give no hints.

Hi Kenta, welcome to the Community :tada:

If the mkdir fails, that is surely a permissions issue. Here are a few possibilities you might try checking:

  1. If you have SELinux, try turning it off as a diagnostic
  2. About those world permissions: remember that permissions for new files depend on the parent directory and the SetUID and SetGID bits
  3. Have you been checking the web server log also? Usually php_errors.log, as defined in your php.ini
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Thanks. Your tips did not help but put me in another track. The CLI script must be run under sudo! At least in my environment in Lightsail.

Though, I am still confused why Web form not working.

This doesn’t sound too good to me, I fear that you might still have an unhealthy installation, where SuiteCRM is getting blocked from doing its work. You’ll just keep running into issues. By the way, if you see a bunch of labels showing as “undefined” in your UI, that’s a sure sign that ownerships/permissions/htaccess still need fixing.

Good luck, tell us if you get more info.