Install problem

Hi everyone!
I got this error while I am Installing SUITECRM last version (7.4) on my AMMPS server in Mac Os Sierra
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /Applications/AMPPS/www/suitecrm/include/utils.php on line 425

Can someone address me to what should I do?

Latest is 7.8.3, that is about 20 versions ago :slight_smile:

Make sure your AMMPS stack is updated too: latest PHP, etc. That will go a long way to ensure you don’t get errors like those.

Good luck

sorry for my quick answer (and mistake), I have installed the last AMPPS 3.6 with Apache 2.4.23 and MySql 5.6.31, PHP 7.0.8, 5.6.23, 5.5.37, 5.4.43 and 5.3.29
AMPPS works well, I have installed in very easy way a Wordpress site.

I have downloaded the latest version of SuiteCrm from site 7.8.3, but still the same problem

Should I check something else?

You have to apply this fix here:

Are you SURE you’re not running PHP 5.3? This would be the first time this appears on a different version than 5.3…

That was the problem…yes I was running PHP 5.3 …but I didn’t know it (I checked the wrong page :frowning: )
Thanks a lot now everything works!