Install on Shared Host

First, let me think you for the amazing work with SuiteCRM. I have use SugarCRM CE for years and had to install and tweak to get it to do what SuiteCRM does out of the box.

I host my servers at my home on VMware ESX server 5.1. To evaluate SuiteCRM I installed Turnkey’s VM image. Needless to say it was a very impressive platform. Setup easy and everything worked with out any adjustments.

As I use SuiteCRM more and more I decided to install in a hosted environment for more reliability and better uptime. This is where things got strange.

Now on to the questions.

  1. Email settings, No matter what settings I use “Admin > Email Settings” will not send emails test or otherwise. I also used the same settings used on my dedicated system.
  2. Permissions on files and folders are not clear to me. I set them to the same as I would in SugarCRM but still get strange results.

Still working through the setup but expect more surprises.

To help catch some of this has anyone documented a Shared Hosting install?

Looking forward to responses.

Hi there,

We recommend that you set the group user and owner to apache. As a sidenote, please include the “theme” directory in your 775 permissions list.



Thank you for the reply. I checked the permissions and all are correct. On my shared hosting provider I only have one user:group available to me, the one that owns the www directory. I received a response from the provider detailing the problem last night. Please see below.

Hope this helps make SuiteCRM even stronger!


Did you check use SMTP authentication on your Email Settings?

this, if I remember correctly, tells the system it has to log into the SMTP server before it can send an email. A popular setting to prevent SMTP servers from being used by spammers.

The issue is not related to SMTP authentication. For the record I did try selecting and un-selecting the authentication before I posted.

My hosting provider clearly stated what the issue is. I’m hoping SuiteCRM can address or point out the issue in the script. If not I will head over to the SugarCRM forum and see if it is in the base code.

Will, any response?

Hi there,

Can you post a link the the Turnkey vm image. I would like to evaluate SuiteCRM on my ESX server and can’t find an image for it.



This is a vmdk for SugarCRM but the environment is tuned for the platform. I have used it for a long time and very happy with it.

I don’t recommend upgrading as it doesn’t perform as well as a fresh install. Also, if your on a clean vm why not simply install a new instance anyway.

If you need help working with turnkey email me and I’ll give you a hand.

marcusstair at