Install fails environment test, but cannot rectify issue

On an Ubuntu 14.04.05 (Trusty) server running in AWS, I am trying to install SuiteCRM. The webserver is Plesk.

The directory is /var/www/vhosts/

I cannot get the installer to go past the system check: it says ‘/cache’ is not writeable. I have set chmod -R 775 on /cache and it still fails.

Browsing around, all instructions I can find say to chmod 755 or 775, yet neither work.

Owner is root (as is all the other files in the folder)

I don’t know what to do next - any suggestions?

Owner cannot be root (unless your web server was running as root).

The ownership must match the user your web server is running under (normally www-root or apache, but it depends on each install).

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OK, but all the other files in the web directory are owned by root
other websites are owned by psacln or some name like this. But this is my own website, so Plesk has built it using root.

Well you need to take care when setting things up through Plesk logged in as root, you need to manually set the correct ownerships (to that psacln user and group, or whatever) so that the web server user can access the files.

Remember root is your systems administrator, he’s the highest authority around. Your web server, which is serving requests originating from random people on the Internet, is NOT supposed to be able to write over root’s files!

I realise that…thanks.
There’s nowhere in Plesk to change that, so I am thinking it happened when I made the directory.

I did

 chown -R webadmin:psacln crm

and we’re away!

Thanks for help.