Install comand question

I am running yet again the installation for SuiteCRM.

The command:
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload

Yields the error saying that all but the cache folder do nto exist.

Am I supposed to create them? Where are they?



you can create the cache folder in the root directory of suitecrm installation


Thanks for giving me your ideas.
My message that the all BUT cache is missing. So, cache is there, but the missing ones are:

  • custom
  • modules
  • themes
  • data
  • upload

Do I just create them?

It seems funny that the instructions state that they will use a CHMOD command on the mussing folders.

I am curious as to why these folders are not include din the zip file.



You wouldn’t happen to be using SuiteCRM v7 instructions on a v8, would you?

I am using the instructions that on the suitecrm website. It does not specify which version it is for.

I am installing v8.



My unmerged Documentation PR (from November!) to keep people from falling in this trap: Adding notice to keep v8 users from getting lost in v7 space by pgorod · Pull Request #585 · salesagility/SuiteDocs · GitHub