Instalation Zend Error


I am getting this error trying to install version 7.8.21. Anyone has an idea of whats causing this error?

Warning: require_once(Zend/Search/Lucene/Document/Html.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/pedalpow/public_html/suitecrm/modules/AOD_Index/Lib/Zend/Search/Lucene.php on line 27

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘Zend/Search/Lucene/Document/Html.php’ (include_path=’/home/pedalpow/public_html/suitecrm/include/HTMLPurifier/standalone:/home/pedalpow/public_html/suitecrm/include/…:.:/opt/php56/lib/php:modules/AOD_Index/Lib’) in /home/pedalpow/public_html/suitecrm/modules/AOD_Index/Lib/Zend/Search/Lucene.php on line 27

Segio M

  1. Is this Windows or Linux?

  2. Is it shared hosting,or your own server?

  3. Please confirm that this is a fresh install, not a second attempt or an upgrade?

  4. In a console as root, do you see a file called /home/pedalpow/public_html/suitecrm/modules/AOD_Index/Lib/Zend/Search/Lucene.php ?

  5. You probably just need to set your ownerships/permissions correctly so that files can be read.