InsideView problem

I’m using Suite on VPN with CSF firewall and when I click on InsideView Sign in (in Contact or Lead) I received blank page. I think that firewall blocking port for InsideView.

What I need to set (InsideView port or IP address) in firewall for this?

Hello Nevals,

I do not think that the firewall has an influence on it. Run your Page with SSL?
Our SuiteCRM running with SSL - Insight view must be adjusted. Under Chrome then comes naturally a blank page …

Hello Wieland,

no I’m not running Suite with SSL.

I really don’t know what then causing this problem.

Oh, now I see that I wrote VPN, but it was a misprint, I want to say that I use Suite on VPS. I don’t have VPN on my VPS. Sorry, my bad.

Do you have any idea what causing my problem with InsideView?

Hello Nevals,

Not really. What browser do you use? Is the url via developer tool called?

I don´t use insight view because my function is lost in an earlier update.

That interests me - what my clone without SSL says…

So - in my view Insight runs with me … Everything is fine

Now would be interesting, what browser you are using.

I try with Mozilla and Chrome…

I don’t know what this mean:
Is the url via developer tool called

I just now have live session with InsideView support and they can’t resolve this problem…

I still think that this is related to CSF firewall setting on my VPS.