InsideView - a connector that to me is a security issue

You may be aware of this issue:

As I wrote there, it is important to me that a pristine installation of suitecrm does not have that connector enabled: can someone help me to spot what, in the installation process, enable it so we are able to fire a pull request to disable it by default?

It seems to be this,

… but i couldn’t find anything that calls it.

I’ve never seen that connector enabled or doing anything in all my experience with SuiteCRM… are you sure it defaults to on, and shows stuff on screen?

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I just fired the pull request

Wait… you can’t just remove it. It will bring a FATAL error if some code is calling it (and it seems you have a case where some code is calling it!).

You need to figure out some more things about how it becomes active…

omg! :frowning:

any advice on how to?

actually, in your system, if you provoke the error by running the upgrade with that code removed, the error message in the PHP log (preferably after turning on stack trace, but not strictly necessary) should lead you to to source of the issue.