Insert multiple records

I’ll explain the problem: inside a custom module, I need to insert a set of records at once, this happens because a product of the same type has a large amount of serial numbers and I would like to avoid entering them manually one at a time. time.
Can you tell me a way to make this type of insertion?

Do you want to create multiple records of same Module ? Have you checked Import Option? Create all your products in excel sheet and import them

say how it happens in the contact form? It might as well go, but how do you do the same thing with a custom module?

Like the Email or Line Items field?

i didn’t understand line items field…
I added in my module menu:

if(ACLController::checkAccess('MODULE', 'import', true)){
    $module_menu[]=array('index.php?module=Import&action=Step1&import_module=MODULE&return_module=MODULE&return_action=index', $app_strings['LBL_IMPORT'], 'Import', 'MODULE');

thislooks like “Import” of the “Contacts” module

ah, I understand line items you mean … actually I would be interested to know how I can adapt what you see in the email to my module, do you know how?

I had created something like Line Items with Collection of Fields to add multiple data, but in order to do so, you would need good programming skills.

nice, i need something like that, but with fewer fields, i really care and i would like to try, can you show me codes and steps to follow please?