Insert date+time, auto email task

Hi Guys,

i’m back with a question. what i want to do:

As a CRM user i want to give a date,time, location. When i hit save (or start), an automatic email needs to be send to the customer. This email is a template, with dynamic date, time, location what the CRM user entered.

i want this, because the CRM user makes an appointment with customer. The CRM user need to confirm this appointment trough email.

is this possible?

Anyone? I created some fields now: Appointment Time, Appointment Date, Appointment Location. Kan i create a predefined activity? So that when filled the CRM user can send email with 1 click.


I believe there’d be 2 good ways to do this.

  1. I believe you could just set up a workflow to achieve this? Ensure that the workflow is set to run on “New Records”, and has a “Send Email” action, and I believe this would be achievable.

  2. You could create a logic hook of some sort, to send an email on-save.
    Some links that might assist, should you wish to take this path:

Thanks for your reply. i hope it can be done through workflow, but i don’t now how to do. What should be the condition?

WHEN Appointment.Date, Appointment.Time, Appointment. Location ARE filled with %variable% THEN send email.

But, the adress, date and time are always different. Can’t handle that part ;(


I’m not sure what would be best, since I’m not overly familiar with the context of your requirement, but some conditions i might suggest are:

“Appointment Date” “Not Equal to” “Value” “(Blank field)”
“Appointment Time” “Not Equal to” “Value” “(Blank field)”
“Appointment Location” “Not Equal to” “Value” “(Blank field)”

This would ensure that the fields are at least populated.

Do you feel that would be a suitable set of conditions?

Yes it works! Thanks. Other question: how can i open my email templates? To edit. I removed the menu in the header (not so smart) but, is there a direct url?


I suppose the closest thing to a direct url would likely be just appending the following on to your instance’s URL:


Though, you should be able to get there normally by going to the “Email” module, and clicking “Create Email Template” or “View Email Templates”

(Unless this is the menu you mean that you’ve removed of course !)