Inline editor in security groups

Hello everyone, I will explain the problem:
I have set up the security groups and everything works fine, I have removed the ability to edit and delete from several modules, but I realized that the ability for the user to edit inline remains. How can this happen? If I remove the permissions, I want to have no permissions for inline editing either.
I can’t go into Studio and uncheck inline editor, because it’s only for certain users.
How can I fix this? Thank you

I think that can be achieved on a view by view basis.

Check here for some ideas:

Hi Broz, from what I see, it acts on the editview, what I am interested in is inline edit. through security groups, I can manage the detail page edit, but not the inline edit and I don’t understand why

But you can apply a similar approach to the list view and detail view. You will need to add your code to those views as well.

In include/InlineEditing/InlineEditing.php there is a funtion GetEditFieldHTML that is called through Ajax when you double-click on the field to use inline editing. That function calls checkAccess() which calls $bean->ACLAccess(‘EditView’) to do the security groups check, using the Edit view setting.

Try looking into what is happening in there to figure out the problem. But maybe it is working as intended, and you want field-level access checking? SuiteCRM doesn’t do that, sorry.

Of course, if you want to customize that GetEditFieldHTML function just for this specific check, you could achieve it pretty easily.