Inline editing : improve edition of "description" field = improved efficiency


Today, when editing the “description” field “inline”, it is not possible to go to the next line ( when you hit the “enter” key the text is saved, same thing if you try to “shift-enter”, doesn’t wotk with “AltGr-Enter” neither).
Consequently it is necessary to click on “edit” in order to add the needed text (and be able to go to the next line).

This “little” change would save some time, and improve the user experience.

In our case we use the description field when we record informations about a contact during our call campaigns. The ability to go to the next line would save us time and avoid changing screen ( click on “edit”, change the text from the “edition” screen, click enter).

Thank you.

This feature is now part of version 7.7.6 : Thank you very much !

-> line break : shift + enter

(If you have time, could you increase the size of the window when editing, in order to see full text and avoid resizing.)

Thank you