Inline edit wrong behavior

Hi, all!

I faced following problem:
Inline edit doesn’t work if you try to edit related field (assigned user/accounts etc.) more then one time in a row. This means that if I make inline edit of Accounts on Details View I’ll see list of account (see first attachment)

And after it (without reloading page) will try to make inline edit in second time I won’t see any data if I type anything in that filed (see second attachment)

As I noticed there is no event binded on that filed and some differences between html structure of this block and class names.
I have Version 7.6.4.

Can you please help me with this?

Thanks in advanced.

I can validate this issue on 7.7.6. as well
Best to post it on Github so they can investigate further and possibly implement a fix in a future release
Thank you for raising this

Thanks, I opened this issue on github