Inline_edit is very slow,How can I solve it?

Why is the system’s in-line editing response slow, especially when combined with workflow, and often causes software to crash, is there any good solution?

Make sure you don’t put slow workflows on edit events… if you use logic_hooks (in PHP code) instead of Workflows, you get a lot more control, and it’s much faster.

There might also be other problems with your system causing it to run slow. You could have recursive workflows, for example, or overgrown tables (see )

Just came across this problem in my tests. Did you solve it?

If it’s still slow, please check the following:

  1. Open your browser’s developer console, Network tab. You will see a line for each part of the requests getting sent to the server.

  2. Start an inline edit. You should see a line with action=getValidationRules and another with action=getEditFieldHTML in the network tab

  3. Conclude the inline edit. You should see a line with action=saveHTMLField.

If for a single inline edit, you get more than one set of those lines, it’s a bug - essentially it’s running the edit over and over again…

I have a fix for this