inliine editing Session Error

anytime I do inline editing I receive a popup with the following error:

" There was an error loading the field. Your session may have timed out. Please log in again to fix this "

Please help

Version 7.10.11
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

There’s a recent issue here

it seems it’s not restricted to accented characters, but is affecting the inline edit, no matter which characters you use.

If you can follow it there, and perhaps add any relevant info you have, that might be helpful.

I can confirm this is still happening. Now on 7.11.13. No idea why it started but I can’t edit inline anymore. Started out of the blue few days ago. On 2 separate instances of suitecrm :frowning:

Ehhhh scratch that it looks like an extension is causing this… Will post here when I know more.

Yep - no bug - it was an extension… Sorry :smiley: