Infrastructure, what is the best?

Could you please help me with the following question, what is the best solution for the infrastructure to install suitecrm, aws, bitnami, Linux with php, apache, separate mysql on another Linux, or just a stack of bitnami,

There is no best solution that fits all. It really depends on individual needs.
Check this post to get a better idea on what is required (It’s for Sugar but it also applies to SuiteCRM):

Hello thank you, but we would like to know what is the best option, because we are using bitnami stack and this is slower than expected

My preference for SuiteCRM is straight Ubuntu Server, inside a VM.

Thank you for your prompt attention, so we would like to install ubuntu operating system and inside the php, apache, and suitecrm, and vm separate mysql on Linux machine?

There are so many options, and so many things to condider.

Have a look at the two articles tagged Architecture in my blog:

Unless you’re going to need a lot of performance (hundreds of users) it’s simpler to leave MySQL on the same server as the web application. It can be moved to a separate server later.