Infrastructure and Hardware Requirement

I am running SuiteCRM version 7.8.3 on PHP 7.1.7 with memory_limit of 256 MB on RedHat Linux Box. There are 2 nodes with load balancer. Most commonly used tables have crossed over 1400000 records in them. Database is hosted on seperate server.

Please advise about the physical Hardware I should put

  1. CPU
  2. RAM (and free RAM)
  3. HDD (and free HDD)

We are facing issues in application running slow.

Gaurav Jain

Some more headsup

We are using memcache for session storage
There is load balancer installed
There are over 500 agents using the application in 1 shift with almost 1000 active users of the application

Are you still having issues with this?

Our client want the App server to process in less than 200 ms. So need help in configuration setting if any body can guide

This is not simple… you need high competence in mysql, apache and linux configuration to speed up the system.
Often the problem is the mysql configuration. Nobody configure mysql and there are many disadvantages in that.

Is not simple to indicate the right way to configure an hd and sw infrastructure… That is why we have a partener that do this for us…

I’m pretty sure I have an optimized setup for Suite, if you’d like to test drive the hosting I currently have a nginx setup :

2 CPU 4GB of Ram
php 7.0.11
60GB of storage
SSL, full server access via ssh with root and sftp along with daily backups and proactive support for about $230 US a month.

If you’re interested I could recommend environment for you on a 2 week trial.

When doing an import for example, its about 3-4 secs per 100 records and the internal system is super snappy.

Whereas on our old server we would do an import at night and hopefully it was finished in the morning.


Also I dont mean to advertise to the forum im just offering a solution that has worked for us over the last year as I subcontract out to another company to provide this service.

Hello, could you please help me with this question what config files need to modify to use load balancer for two instances using suitecrm, Thank you for help

Hi Billlee, I´m interested on your solution(optimized setup) for slow performance on SuiteCRM.

How can I contact you?

Hey @Limbertc, if you’re still interested in an optimised hosting solution for SuiteCRM, let me know :slight_smile: You can email me at jketelaar{at}intercube{dot}io