Informing employees about task

How could an employee in my organization know or getting an alarm when I assign a task to that person. Will there me a pop up on the employees screen or should I carry out any other setting.

in case if there are any background settings also to be done please inform me the same.

There is a “notify on assigment” setting in each user’s profile (Advanced tab).

It sends an email when a record is assigned to the user. There are also settings for reminders (meetings, calls)

Can I also assign a reminder for myself?

So as per your above answer all the notification shall be send to the E mail and not suite crm page.

Moreover, to send the mail. Please confirm if the outbound E mail settings have to completed or it would be directly me linked with all the employees on my server.

If you want to sent mails, you will have to setup an outgoing smtp (this is not the mail account you can set up per user).
Alternatively, you could create user notifications that are shown on the top right corner next to their username.


Please could you help me with how to set up user notification.

I am new to Suite CRM, so please help.

sure, I did create a tutorial for that earlier this year:

I tried the workflow. But runtime to create the account increased to great extent.

Its taking more than a minute to create a account and the notification to show up.

Is there any means to reduce the runtime.

One more think I noticed is that after the account has been created, the Parameter changes from ID to Address

Is that a reason. Also how can i check if a ID value is P0.

Please advice

Can you show us the first half of the workflow too?

btw, if I want to debug a workflow, I use not needed fields for testing the value of parameters like {P0}.

Please find the images

mhm…can’t explain why this workflow should slow down your system to this extent (unless your doing bulk imports of accounts while testing the workflow). Do you experience this slowdown elsewhere in Suite?

No I haven’t seen such lag anywhere.

Even I think the workflow is getting processed through the entire account data base, thats why there is a lag.

Is there any means to check it