Informations about fp_events module

Hi there,

I’m new under the SuiteCRM community.
I would need some help for understanding the FP_events module.
Indeed, I have seen in database, the table fp_events_contacts_c fields like “invite_status”, “accept_status” and “email_responded”.
Moreover, in table “fp_events” I’ve also seen fields like “invite_templates”, “accept_redirect”, “decline_redirect”.

With these informations, I wonder if I could directly send my invitations to companies and contacts from Events module or if I have to deal with a campaign.

Could you help please ?

Thanks by advance,

Hi there,

You do not need to interact with Campaigns to send event invitations. Using the events module, you select an email template and then select all delegates you wish to invite and click ‘Send Invites’.



Hi Will,

Thanks for your answer, however, I don’t find how send invitations as you mentionned previously.
Could you give me the procedure please ?

Indeed, I don’t have any options for choosing an email template or selecting delegates.

Maybe I do it with the wrong way ?

Thanks by advance