Indicating an email has been archived


We have been using the outlook plugin successfully for a few weeks now but one piece of feedback I have received a number of times is that users would like to be able to see which emails have been archived.

I am not sure if this could be a future feature or if anyone has made a modification themselves to accomplish something like this, just thought I would bring it up as it seems like a fairly simple piece of functionality that could really improve the plugin.

If anyone has done something similar and could give me a few pointers I would be glad to try my hand and submit it back.



Emails are given the status ‘Archived’, hence you can tell they have been archived within the CRM.

I presume you mean setting a flag within the Outlook client, to say the email has been archived?



Precisely, some of the users spend the majority of their time working out of outlook while we only have a few people in the CRM at the moment, if I could implement a visual indication of archiving success (beyond the initial dialog) that would be very helpful.

I am willing to have a go at it myself but if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I was thinking that I could use something like the following in the ArchiveEmail function. Pretty simple really, I am just not sure if I am executing it within the right scope and whether there might be a good reason to do it outside the archiving process (possibly before the archive begins and revert if it fails).

private void ArchiveEmail(Outlook.MailItem objMail, int intArchiveType, string strExcludedEmails = "")
                    //Set and save the email subject. 
                    objMail.Subject = "[SUITE] " + objMail.Subject;

                     //Continue with archiving


any progress on this subject? I am also interested in being able to glance at an e-mail in outlook and see that it has already been archived to SuiteCRM.
If this is possible now, I would appreciate an explanation of how to tell.