Indexing results duplicated or even triplicated

Running SuiteCRM 7.8.31. I found that AOD made multiples of index results, sometimes even quadruplicates. I deleted the files in the directory and expected AOD to recreate the search index next time it ran.

However, this did not work correctly, I possibly should have deleted/reset something else as well. I ended up with AOD only indexing items created after I did this, earlier ones have /not/ been reindexed. Even the new ones show up in multiples, typically as duplicates.

Two questions:

  • How can I force a new indexation by AOD and for it to include all items in the database?
  • How can I avoid duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates after indexing?

Thank you.

Go to Admin > System > Elasticsearch

I looked at the link and it states that is for version 7.11 and later. As I wrote in my email, I am running 7.8.31.

  1. Suite 7.8.32 is End Of Life (EOL) - no longer supported for bug fixes or security fixes. See here: Supported Versions :: SuiteCRM Documentation
    For support, you might consider upgrading to the current supported version, unless you have a good reason to stay on 7.8.31. Or find an expert, or another user also on 7.8, to help fix your 7.8’s search index issues.

  2. You can read how to run an Elasticsearch index command from the command line, if you can do command lines: Manage data from the command line | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic

  3. Or download the official Elasticsearch PHP Client, it makes it easier for you to run commands like full index: Elasticsearch-PHP [8.13] | Elastic