Increasing the throughput of the Schedulers

If we have a lot of Scheduler aka SchedulersJobs in SuiteCRM 7.x. What are the optimal setting in config_override.php

$sugar_config[ ‘cron’] =
array (
‘max_cron_jobs’ => 10,
‘max_cron_runtime’ => 30,
‘min_cron_interval’ => 1

The concern is if we have 1000 tasks and we need some tasks to execute at a specific time. How can we ensure that the timed tasks take priority over the other task?

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

The fact is that running 1000 tasks from the schedulers is probably not a good way to do it. Maybe you can do all that with a single SQL command affecting many rows, instead of having separate jobs for each record?

If you want to share some details about what you’re trying to achieve, maybe we can help further.

We are implementing WebHooks. We can’t send them as a batch. Every time a record changes, we need to send the data downstream.

I’m not sure how you could do it, but I believe the what the scheduler does is add jobs to the job_queue (you can see this in the database). Then a separate logic executes.

Maybe you can figure out a better way of adding the jobs there, or at least understand the current process better so that you can tweak the priorities.

A different approach would be to avoid letting the record changes “pile up”. The normal way of running web-hooks would be from a logic hook at the moment that the record changes, not asynchronously.