Increasing tab number in top navigation bar

B) Hello , How, we can increase number of module tabs in top navigation bar before the >>more … I want to show my all 9 modules in Top navigation bar. If any one can suggest me a way to do this than I will be thankful . thanks

There isn’t a way that I know of to change this via the settings pages. However this can be controlled via the config file. Add the following line to config_override.php:

$sugar_config['default_max_tabs'] = 20;

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Thanks … Its Work…

is it possible to do it for Suitecrm 7.10.9?

I am looking for the same… I just thought that 7.10.x would be mature enought compared to the 7.8.x, but apparently no. All is based on scrolling up and down, so when using a computer the new layout seems still to be just a disaster :frowning:

It seems it’s a css problem. when I zoom out or resize the window the amount of modules shown increases.
So the setting does get applied but CSS is somewhere set to keep a certain amount of space between the module menu elements and the right elements.
I have not figure out what part of it is forcing that behavior.

OK, after looking a bit more and since it bothered me greatly myself, I think I have found the solution.
It’s not a CSS issue but a Javascript issue with a hard coded value for when to push menu items into the overflow menu.
The relevant code is to be found in the file “themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl” on line 444
You will find the line:

windowWidth = $(window).width() - ($(window).width()  * 0.55),

to fix that behavior you can decrease the value
I choose *0.3 since the right navbar items are set to be 28% in width

windowWidth = $(window).width() - ($(window).width()  * 0.3),

With that I have all my modules in the navbar and do not have to use the tedious overflow menu.
I hope this was the issue you had and I could solve it.

@johnsmith0815 what is the width of your browser window that you use normally?

(I check this in Firefox, or on Developer Tools, Inspector, tab “Layout”. Probably there are similar options on other browsers.)

The width of my browser window depends on the device I use of course. Most of the time it’s 1920, currently it’s 1440
This is how it looks with windowWidth = $(window).width() - ($(window).width() * 0.55),

and this is how it looks with windowWidth = $(window).width() - ($(window).width() * 0.34),

(note that I decrease the height and color of the navbar also, but that’s unrelated)

Is it possible to hide more tab?

only if you decrease the number modules in the navbar to a degree that they fit in the size your resolution gives you.
You can push the number of items that will fit if you decrease the font, increase the breakpoint (see my previous posts) and decrease the whitespace between the entries, all which can be done in the style.css of the theme you’ve selected.

It’s of course possible to completely deactivate it but you’d have to rewrite a lot of code in the _headerModuleList.tpl file