increase to more than 6 columns per dashlet?


Whenever I try to add more than six columns to a dashlet,
I get a dialog box that prevents me from doing so.

How can I get more than six columns with suitecrm 7.1.3 ?


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This is a restriction which was put in place by SugarCRM, You would need to investigate where this is being done in code and change it.


Here’s the quick fix to this problem, however I do not know the correct protocol to making this solution upgrade safe. So use at your own risk:

  1. Open the following file: include/Dashlets/DashletGeneric.php
  2. Find this line: $chooser->args[‘max_left’] = ‘6’;
  3. Change the number 6 to the max number of columns you want for your dashlets.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hey @sermonview, this solution works thanks! But, it only lets the users update them from their end. Is there a way to remove the restriction of 6 fields for dashlet from Studio as well?