Incoming mail issue

I am trying to configure my first incoming mail profile. I need to import mail from a mail server via IMAP.

First, I installed the mail server one a separate machine (Ubuntu, Postifix & Dovecot). It was configured and tested from the SuiteCRM machine with success (SSL included):

I was able to login with my user credentials:

This is what I see in the mailserver imap log:

But when testing the connection from SuiteCRM I am getting an error:

In the mailserver logs I see that there were no auth attemps and the user name is empty:

Am I missing something in the configuration?

Don’t test settings! This is a bug (may or may not be fixed). If you select folders and and you get folders, you do not need to test connection settings. You are connected.

Here’s a video I made about the email setup interface. Check this out about the funky user experience before going down a rabbit hole of technical issues. Hope it helps…

Thank you @pstevens for your reply!

I am sorry I have not replied for a while but I have been struggling with multiple issues at the same time, not only SuiteCRM related.

Anyway, after some struggle I managed to make it work. I did two things:

  • used Let’s Encrypt cert for the mail server instead of self-signed (not sure if it was relevant though)
  • used DNS mail server name instead of an IP address in the Incoming mail configuration.

From now I have no issue with selecting Inbox, Sent, Trash folder. So, it seems it is now working as expected.
I need to start testing incoming mail now :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

So, I managed to configure incoming and outgoing mail, but I can import mail manually only.
I have been already spending the third day on figuring out how make the automated mail import. My customer is not going to pick this product if automatic mail import does not work. This is one of the must-have features.

Every single step on the this way is a real struggle, but now I am seem to be stuck for good… and I am about to giving up and start searching for some other CRM solution :frowning:

Here is the other thread on that:

There is no automatic email importing… UNLESS you setup a group account. In which case group accounts ie: can be setup to auto import. Personal emails do not auto import and have to be imported manually. This is actually preferred in my opinion.

It’s also not a good idea to auto import emails. I wrote a helpful article on the subject on my blog here:

Note: there are paid plugins in the store that provide this functionality.

I read your article and I understand your point, but my case is special.

My customer has been working with an IBM Notes based CRM, developed by myself, for over 15 years. This is a very small production company (5 office employees only) and auto import is one of the basic functionality for them in that old system. They can not imagine not having it and if it not be working in the new CRM it will be a definite show stopper and they will look for another CRM, full stop. They all (the office workers) DO must see every incoming email in the system, there is no privacy there at all. For confidential communication (extremely rare) they use personal mail, not CRM.

I do have a group Incoming Mail configuration, there is a test Contact with the exact same email address as the sender of test messages, the cron is set and running and not email is being imported, so I am assuming I have to be missing something.

So my question remains the same: what do I need to do to make it work? Do I need a paid plugin? This would be something new to me, as I have not concluded that from the manual nor from what you have said so far.

There is no automatic import of email except for group accounts. You’ll have to either investigate a paid plugin from the store or code your own.

Unless group accounts makes sense for you.

I think you’re looking for something like this:

SuiteCRM Auto Email Archive | SuiteCRM Module

Also check another plug-ins available on the store.