Incoming emails automatically update accounts and contacts

Please help!
I have managed to get our teams incoming emails from Gmail to automatically load into Suite CRM. However, it won’t automatically update the contact area, or the account area that the email was sent from or belongs to. How can I set this up?

If an email is imported it will be marked within the history panel, if you want all emails to show there you can choose to automatically important all email via the inbound email settings

Could you upload a screenshot please? I’ve tried all I can in that area and it doesn’t seem to work.
To clarify, if an email comes in from a client, I’d like it to show in both the clients account history, and their contact history.

That won’t happen by default, if an email is received from a contacts email then it would be related to the contact under the history panel, for it to show under the account it would need to be the primary email of the account that was used.

I guess you could work around this using a workflow which when a contact email relation is added to a contact it creates a second relation between the email and the contacts account.

How do you do this? The inbound email area doesn’t have a settings page for this?

Also, the clients emails coming in, still aren’t showing up in their contact history panel.