Incoming email problems

I’ve installed SuiteCRM and pointed it at the latest SugarCRM database. All is working well so far but I’m having problems with incoming emails.

The email client appears to load fine but when I click ‘check new email’, I get an ‘Exception occurred - transaction aborted’ message and clicking on ‘Settings’ and going to ‘Mail Accounts’ returns the ‘Exception occurred - communication failure’ message.

The email accounts are visible and accessible via the Admin area but when trying to test their settings, they return timeouts.

I thought that ‘Repair Inbound Email Accounts’ would fix this, but this also times out.

These accounts were all working fine under Sugar.

Hi there,

Have you tested using the upgrade package from SugarCRM CE 6.5.x to SuiteCRM?



I’ll give it a go…

When I re-load the site with SugarCRM files, this error appears in the email client…

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/fourg124/public_html/fourgroups-sugar/modules/Emails/EmailUI.php on line 428

Is this of any relevance?

Hi there,

You can modify the ‘display_errors’ setting in your php.ini file to ‘off’. Notices are not FATAL errors or errors that should cause functionality to stop working in the CRM, they are just notifying the user of issues which can be fixed, but are not fundamental to the application working/failing.




I’m hoping this problem is due to a firewall setting on the server which the host is investigating… that would explain a lot of the interrelated problems with incoming emails…

Sorted - yes, it was a firewall problem!

Hi there,

Great! There are also plenty guides on emails/setup of emails/campaigns etc. here.



Yeah - I just forgot that when the host moved the account I have with them, their default setting blocks gmail imap/smtp ports!

i have same problem
Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/fourg124/public_html/fourgroups-sugar/modules/Emails/EmailUI.php on line 428

modify the ‘display_errors’ setting in your php.ini file to ‘off’.
is this the best soultion ??
any souliton??
thank you

Make sure your firewall is open to let some of the common email ports be accessed, 993, 25 etc.

thank you for your answer brucelewin,
I think, I already do it . but warning error still visible .
can you give me the tutorial how you open the port? i dont know how to solve this, thanks before

If you’re on shared hosting, your webhost will do it, if it’s your own server, google for it or ask the person who setup your server…

i use localhost .
send and received email work properly.
but eror still visible… hmm
my sugarcrm 6.5.13 is already upgrade into suitecrm 7.3 version but the eror still same and i have notice again like this.
Notice: Undefined index: enable_line_editing_list in C:\xampp\htdocs\SugarCE-Full-6.5.13\include\ListView\ListViewSmarty.php on line 109
is this problem in my localhost??

You need to modify your php.ini and suppress notices/warnings then restart your apache web service.

is that the best solution will??
i think that just hide the warnings not fix the warning??
is it right?

There are thousands of warnings/notices due to the size of the application. Some will be caused by php version differences and the code written(you may run PHP 5.3 but some of the syntax may rely on PHP 5.4/5.5), some minor bugs and some differences between environments.

If you wish, you can fix the issues but as warnings/notices do not stop the application from working, you can suppress these from showing.