Include Security Groups in imports (leads, accounts, opportunities)


In my environment I set up several Security Groups, one per partner company. Inside each group are the salesmen of that partner company.

On a daily basis I have to import several leads that have been affected to these partner companies. My idea was to include in such import file a field “Security Group” so to automatically assign these lead to each Security Group.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that SuiteCRM works this way . Do you know how do to such thing, or any workaround (I could import the leads and then mass-assign them, but since there is no option to show the Security Group names as a column in Listview, it could be painful to do so every day. Additionnally, I cannot make any assignment mistake since these information are very sensitive).

Many thanks!!

A best-practice when importing is to include some sort of import_id. This is a code that you assign to all the records in that import, and that you can then use to filter for that group of records.

To implement this, you would:

  • create a new custom field called import_id, or, for simplicity, just use some field in the Leads record that you’re not currently using.

  • add this field in your CSV before importing, making sure you assign a unique ID to each import (for example, based on the date and time; or just any sequential number).

Finally, you can add this field as a filter in the List view. You don’t even have to show it to the users, you use it just for filtering. Then you can mass assign Security Groups to that group easily.

The more automatic way to do this would be to use an importer script to insert the Leads and assign the group programmatically. This gives you a lot more control. And example of such a script is here. It’s big and complicated, but you would need only a small fraction of that for your purposes.

Thank you very much for the tips!

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